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Date Opponent Time
4/12 Stars W
4/19 @ Jynx W
4/26 TBD TBA
5/03 @ Phantomz 7pm
5/10 Monsoon 6pm
5/17 Bye TBA
5/24 @ Monsoon TBA
5/31 Phantomz 6pm
6/07 Bye TBA
6/14 @ Stars TBA

Schedule subject to change.


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California Quake

Quake shakes up Utah

By Catherine B. Vivo| Saturday, 19 April 2014
Photos by: Sweets

Herriman, Utah - The weather was cloudy and gloomy and seemed unsure during pre-game warm ups, as rain suddenly poured down in the midst 30 minutes before the kick off. It was indeed going to be an interesting game!

Utah Jynx won the toss and elected to receive the ball. On their first offensive series Quake defense steps it up and stops their drive quickly, turn over on downs. Quake takes over on their own 46 yard line and drives it down the field. First two plays did not look promising for the Quake, 3rd and 11 in their first offensive drive but Head Coach, Tony Macon, calls for pass play. QB #12 Catherine B. Vivo completes a pass to #27 Tami Singletary for a 19 yard gain and Quake first down! As the Quake continues to march down the field #33 Jasmine Johnson-Mckeown runs for a 16 yard gain, first and goal, threatening to score. On the next play, #21 Justina Duran finishes it up and runs it in for a 5 yard touchdown, and after many penalties and attempts on the 2 point conversion it was no good, Quake takes the lead 6-0 in the first quarter.

Special teams has their hand in this game as well, as #65 Stephanie Juge did her specialtiy bounced kick on kick off and the ball bounced back right into the arms of #80 Meilissa Urrutia who runs 49 yards for a touchdown which was long debated and unfortunately brought back but Quake still rewarded the ball. Quake offense was back on the field. Quake was fired up and determined to take this offensive series and march it down the field and score. #12 Vivo passes to #27 Singletary for an incompleted pass and finds themself in a 3rd and long situation, yet again. Macon decides to put in in the air, #12 Vivo passes to #47 Mariah Turner and completes a 20 yard pass but #12 Vivo taking a huge blow to the body by Jynx #56 Lyndi Prestgard. #47 Turner was able to turn it up all the way to the 3 yard line. Quake takes it in for a touchdown by #21 Duran, score is 12-0 Quake.

Quake defense was able to hold down the Jynx offense during the entire first half, keeping them scoreless. Quake #33 Johnson-Mckeown has been putting pressure on Jynx QB #56 Prestgard all day and finally laid an ugly sack on her, which the announcer described "annihilated her". Took QB #56 Prestgard back 10 yards, laid her on her back, causing a fumble, ball was recovered by our very own Quake #45 Monique Adams, QUAKE ball!

Second half was a different ball game. Offense was a struggle for the Quake and Jynx stepped up their game. Quake lost their offensive momentum and couldn't get anything together in the entire 3rd quarter, too many mistakes, penalties and looked like a different team. Defense was missing tackles and couldn't hold down the Jynx offense. Jynx #10 Mixsa Kafi and her slick shifty moves got by the Quake in the 3rd quarter. Jynx QB #56 Prestgard drops back for a long bomb deep pass to #10 Kafi and hits her on for a touchdown between two Quake defenders. #10 Kafi also for the 2 point conversion, 12-8 Quake, Jynx trying to close in that lead

Quake offense was driving down the field, once again fumbles, penalites and mistakes got in the way of what could have been a touchdown. Quake couldn't get it together. Their offensive momentum was gone and lacking concentration. Jynx was on a momentum drive now as they took the field and everything was going right for them. Jynx had about a good 62 yards to march down the field to score and take the lead. Jynx hit the ground all day on the Quake defense, #7 Stacey Shipmon, #56 Prestgard, and #10 Kafi finishes it up with a 20 yard run for a touchdown. Jynx finally take the lead, as Jynx #80 Julia Guerrero kicks a field goal, 15-12, Jynx in the 4th quarter with 7 minutes to go.

Quake down on their luck and time is running out, sitting on the 50 yard line needs to score on this next offensive drive to secure some hope to take this win home. First play of the drive, # 47 Turner runs for a 19 yard gain to the outside setting up the Quake great field position, 1st and ten. #47 Turner again for another 9 yard pick up 2nd and 1. Quake on a great offensive drive on a amazing momentum that we first saw in the first half, ignited with motivation to score. #21 Duran pushes it through with her O line making way and gets that first down. Chains moving quickly into the red zone, already threatening to score. #21 Duran hits the ground keeps moving the chains, with two bigs runs and 1st and goal with the clock still running. Quake pounding the defense and Jynx rotating their defense for a fresh set of legs between plays. The Quake offense is unstoppable and they keeping marching down the field pushing their way down to the endzone. Jynx didn't see it, even our camera guy didn't see it, #32 Lekeisha Bible runs in a 9 yard touchdown. Two point conversion, still to come #33 Johnson-Mckeown runs it in with the help of an awesome blindside crack back hit by #80 Urrutia! Four minutes left in the game and defense held them in the red zone on 4th down. Quake offense did the classic victory formation and the game was over! This was a nail biting game but the Quake pulled it off.

Final Score 20-15, Quake! Week 2, record 2-0. The Quake organization, applauds the Utah Jynx for their sportsmanship and for hosting a great game. We wish them a great rest of the season!

As the team left Saturday night to return back home to Los Angeles, Utah reported a 3.2 magnitude earthquake that Saturday evening, Quake most definitely left their mark and shook things up in Utah. We hope everyone is ok. Quake making the ground the shake-literally!

The Quake takes a needed week off but will hit the road yet again to face-off their known rivals, Phoenix Phantomz on May 3rd.

Also during our trip out to Utah, Quake were graciously able to visit our Quake partnership USANA headquarters corporate office and took a special private tour. The Quake organization thanks you for your ongoing support and will continue to make you proud!

To view pictures of the game and out entire trip to Utah and our USANA headquarters corporate tour, please visit PHOTOS & VIDEOS 

California Quake

Quake ran away with a win
in their 2014 season opener

By Catherine B. Vivo| Saturday, 12 April 2014
Photos by: Carey-Navarrete Photography

Los Angeles, CA - It was a beautiful day in East LA at Roosevelt high school football stadium. The California Quake took the field for the first time in their new home field, with a new team, new coaching staff and with their brand new uniforms! They most definitely set the tone to the start of the 2014 season and welcomed the North County Stars in their inagural season in the IWFL.

Kick off was in the middle of the day, 3 o'clock as captains of both teams met in the middle of the field for the coin toss. Stars captains - #1 Carla Duenas, #52 Patricia McClain, #81 Laura Perez and #88 Monica Jones. Quake captains - #27 Tami Singletary, #32 Lekeisha Bible, #47 Mariah Turner and #12 Catherine B. Vivo. As the Stars win the coin toss and defer, Quake will receive the ball.

The ball is kicked to Quake #21 Justina Duran and stumbles the ball through her hands as the ball rolls to the 20 yard line. Duran was able to pick up the ball and take it down for a touchdown. Quake completes two point conversion with #47 Turner, Quake takes an early lead 8-0. Stars next offensive series fumbles the ball after a few plays and Quake #32 Bible swipes the ball and runs in a 45 yard touchdown. Quake stretches the lead to 16-0 as #21 Duran runs in the two point conversion. Stars offense takes the field again trying to find some momentum as the Quake defense continues to lay on the pressure but as Stars QB #1 Duenas passes, Quake #4 Laurisa Hollenshed intercepts the ball and runs it in for what could have been a 21 yard touchdown but was called back due to a block in the back penalty but still Quake ball.

Still first quarter, this will be the first Quake offensive drive of the game but it's a quick one as #21 Duran runs in a touchdown, #12 Vivo, misses on a pass to #84 Kim Christensen on the two point, score is now 22-0.

California Quake Tami Singletary Justina Duran Lekeisha Bible Catherine B. Vivo Mariah Turner Ashleigh Hayes
Photos by: Carey-Navarrete Photography

Quake dominates the entire game from special teams, offense and defense. Here are some statistical highlights from of the game:
#21 Duran in her debut as first time Quake player and her return to her alma mater at Roosevelt hs with 4 TDs and 2 two points conversions, ending the game with 28 total points and running over 100 yards and returning a 80 yard kick off return.
#47 Turner with 9 carries, 76 yards, 8 tackles and 2 point conversion
#4 Hollenshed 3 interceptions, 3 carries, 44 yards, 6 tackles and a TD
#27 Singletary 2 carries, 27 yards, 2 completed pases, 71 yards, TD and 4 tackles
#56 Hayes 10 tackles, interception
#32 Bible fumble recovery and returned for a TD, 8 tackles
#23 Marquez 85 yard pick 6, 3 tackles, 4 carries, 10 yards
#33 Johnson-McKeown 1 carrie for 67 yards, TD
#84 Christensen completed pass, 2 point conversion
#80 Urrutia interception, special teams recovery
#12 Vivo 2 for 5 comp, 1 TD, 73 yards, 0 int, 62 longest

Final Score 64-0, Quake! The Quake organization, applauds the Stars' for their sportsmanship and for their efforts. They continued to play and never let down. Despite the scoreboard, both teams played their heart out and was a beautiful day of football!

The North County Stars move on to play Tucson Monsoon on May 17th, as the Quake has a short week and hits the road this week to play the Utah Jynx. They depart Friday to Salt Lake City, Utah for yet a new battle they've never faced before.


Next home game is against their old time rivals, Tucson Monsoon
Saturday, May 10th @ 6pm kick
@ Roosevelt HS 456 S Mathews St, Los Angeles, CA 90033


Please note all game tickets are valid for any regular season and post season games!

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TEAM W L Overall Rating
California Quake 2 0 1.00
North County Stars 0 1 0.00
Tucson Monsoon 0 1 0.00
Utah Jynx 1 1 0.50

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